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You should know who your kids hang out with and encourage healthy behavior and relationships.

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finds Approximately two-thirds of Americans say it is hard to determine whether someone has been a victim of domestic abuse (64%) and want more information about what to do when confronted with domestic violence (65%).

Some violent acts can cause more emotional harm than physical harm. An important risk factor for violence in teens is the behavior of their friends and classmates.

Preventing dating violence among adolescents is also a critical component in preventing adult intimate partner violence; nevertheless, it is important in its own right due to the negative consequences associated with dating violence.

Although there have been few well-researched programs to date (that go beyond self-reported attitude change), emerging research suggests that comprehensive programs of sufficient duration can effectively alter attitudes and behaviors.

There are several advantages to working with adolescents on prevention initiatives.

Developmentally, they are very interested in intimacy and romantic relationships and as a result, can be highly engaged in programming that addresses these issues.

While it's possible that dating violence could cause thoughts of suicide, it's also possible that children who are depressed are more likely than others to fall into abusive relationships, says Adiaha Spinks-Franklin,​ a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston who was not involved in the new study.

Assaults by romantic partners often aren't isolated events.

Boys and girls who have been victims of dating violence are more likely to get into fights, carry a weapon, use alcohol, use marijuana or cocaine and have sex with multiple partners the study says.

Researchers don't know if any of these events causes the others, however.

Medline Plus also links to health information from non-government Web sites.

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