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You don't have to give reasons for not claiming earlier.

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Any backdated award of CTR will be paid into your Council Tax account.

If we have decided that you have not shown 'good cause' and we cannot backdate your claim, the reasons for this will be explained in our letter.

There is not much space on the form so you should include a covering letter to explain your circumstances in more detail and enclose supporting evidence where needed.

Use Shelter's template letter to ask the council to backdate your housing benefit You must have a good reason for claiming late if you are of working age.

For working age people the backdate period will continue to be 6 months.

For older people the backdate period will continue to be 3 months.“These borrowers were given 30 days from the date of the denial letter to appeal that denial, but those 30 days had already elapsed by the time they received the backdated letter."In other cases, Ocwen’s systems show that borrowers facing foreclosure received letters with a date by which to cure their default and avoid foreclosure – and the cure date was months prior to receipt of the letter. Volatility was so high that trading was momentarily halted around p.m. In the wake of Lawsky's latest letter, each of the Ocwen-related stocks was also down as much as 10% for the day, as of p.m. The other leading nonbanks appeared to be suffering collateral damage from the NYDFS announcement.Your claim will be considered by a benefits officer.The more information and evidence you give in support of your claim the quicker a decision can be made. Any backdated award of HB will be paid on your next payment date.Ocwen issued the following statement to Housing Wire.

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