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I know all about role models and you're not one of them. MORGAN: You're talking complete and utter -- you are talking complete and utter nonsense. The gun murder rate in countries like Britain or Germany or Australia, we've all suffered massacres many years ago, similar nature, have -- there are 35 people killed a year. PRATT: Your murder rate has -- your murder rate is lower than ours, that is true. America is not the Wild West that you are depicting. I know all about role models and you're not one of them.

Or is that no longer important to CNN as it struggles to get viewers as well as its relevancy back? I honestly don't understand why you would rather have people be victims of a crime than be able to defend themselves. MORGAN: You're an unbelievably stupid man, aren't you? You seem to prefer being a victim to being able to prevail over the criminal element. Post what happened at Sandy Hook, your answer to this problem of repeated use of this weapon with these high-capacity magazines is to continue letting Americans buy them with impunity, and to not concern yourself with these mass shootings, is that right?

It's one thing for an anchor or host to disagree with his guest, but to attack them for a differing view is not what journalism is supposed to be about. PRATT: The solution is for people to be able to defend themselves at the point of the crime and not wait for 20 minutes for the police come after everybody is dead. We only have the problems in our cities, and unhappily, in our schools where people like you have been able to get laws put on the books that keep people from being able to defend themselves.

If that person has been investigated for terrorism within the last five years, the attorney general could block the sale for three days while a court reviews the sale.

Yet this "no fly, no buy" was no sale for Mirowitz - and the Senate.

A 2013 Pew Research Center survey found 37 percent of adults said they had a firearm - rifle or pistol - in their home.

Here's the part antigun zealots must hear: Of that group, 79 percent Not disappointed, however, is Jon Mirowitz, a Philadelphia gun rights attorney and a former candidate for sheriff, who laughingly describes himself as "to the right of the NRA." He's glad they all were defeated.While Ted is distracted Barney makes his move, only to be slapped in the face.Barney explains this is because he had already slept with the girl the year before and therefore, has won the bet, but Ted rules otherwise and begins his pick-up attempt and succeeds.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads., permeated by haughty feelings of superiority and uniqueness, the narcissist cannot put himself in someone else's shoes, or even imagine what it means.The very experience of being human is alien to the narcissist whose invented False Self is always to the fore.Pathological narcissism is an addiction to Narcissistic Supply (aka, constant proof of their omnipotence & grandiosity), the narcissist's drug of choice.

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