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"I had a guy who loved to evaluate women on a scale of 1 to 10.

Motown legend Aretha Franklin on Thursday openly speculated as to whether music icon Prince died from the Zika virus.

The radio personality, who was famous for his catchphrase Baba Booey, was a favorite on the Howard Stern show The New Jersey comedian tore into the King of All Media like never before, revealing for the first time how he believes how Stern confidante Jimmy Kimmel has heavily influenced the direction Stern's taken his career in, while calling the radio legend an 'a**hole' who 'abandoned his fans' and longtime staffers in his bid to replicate the mainstream success Kimmel's had.

The 49-year-old funnyman was Stern's right-hand man of nearly ten years, taking the seat vacated in 2001 by former head writer Jackie 'The Jokeman' Martling, who was his guest on the Artie Quitter podcast Friday.

The CDC confirmed recently that the virus does cause a birth defect called microcephaly.

The CDC is also investigating a potential link to Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which can cause temporary paralysis and in some rare cases death. has more than 350 cases of Zika, almost all are from people who traveled to a country where the virus is spreading via the mosquitoes.

Prince was found dead in his Minnesota studio on Thursday. I'm wondering if it had anything to do with this Zika virus," Franklin said while on MSNBC.

The Zika virus causes a mild illness and other small complications such as a rash and joint pain for most people.This is two days after the Clinton Campaign (Washington Post) released audio of Donald Trump from 2005 talking about his sexual conquests.The Democrat-mainstream media has largely ignored the Wikileaks Clinton emails. During the song, "vomit painter" Millie Brown spewed neon green liquid all over the pop star. My friend Millie—she lives in London—it's her art form. I said to myself, 'I want to sing this song while I'm ripping hard on a drum kit, and then I want to get on a mechanical bull'—which is probably one of the most demoralizing things that you can put a female on in her underwear—'and I want this chick to throw up on me in front of the world so that I can tell them, you know what? I believe that all depression stems back to anxiety and an inability to relax during tough situations," the pop star argued. "It was the change in people around me when I became a star," the musician said. Closest friends, family, people I never thought would betray me, the things they did behind my back, the things they said behind my back... I find s--t out." She continued, "When you're an artist, you're also a business and then everybody starts to treat you like a commodity."Recalling a specific betrayal, Gaga said, "I had a best friend sue me for a bunch of money…but oh my God, we lived in a walkup together in the Lower East Side. ' I love making music, but I've gotta tell you something, Howard: If I wasn't a star today, I'd be a star on Rivington Street and you can come see me for . "Everyone's just looking for something to bitch about," Gaga said with a sigh. You could never, ever degrade as much as I could degrade myself, and look how beautiful it is when I do.'""You keep alluding raped by a record producer? "When my life got more and more stressful, it was like I was just smokin' and drinkin' and poppin'—anything I could do to just chill out. We were cleaning roaches out of my closet together. Howard Stern, the famous radio show host, said Wednesday that he wished his longtime friend, President Trump, did not run for president because he is concerned about his mental health because “he just wants to be liked.” “I personally wish that he had never run. “Because I actually think this is something that is going to be very detrimental to his mental health, too.

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