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But what seemed to be a frightening curse at first might be the only hope to finally bring peace back to their lives and with two of each kind finding together the last battle was about to begin!

CEO of Tagutive Corp, Taguchi Junnosuke hopes to be the best CEO he can be, but his shameless puns and scatterbrained demeanor says otherwise.

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Surnoms : Kame, Kame-chan, Kazuya-kun, Kamehameya (Jin), MC Kame, Kazuya, Kamenashi-kun, Kazu-chan Lieu de naissance : Edogawa, japon Famille : Deux frères ainés (Yuichiro & Koji), un jeune frère (Yuya), deux nièces et trois neveux Taille : 1m71 Poids : 59kg Signe astrologique : Poisson Signe chinois : Tigre Groupe sanguin : B Mensurations : 83- 63- 90 cm Les parents de Kamenashi envoyèrent sa candidature à la Johnny's Entertainment de sa part. A ce moment-là, il était dans le même groupe d'entretien que trois inconnus, Akanishi Jin, Nakamaru Yuichi et Masuda Takahisa.

Akanishi et Nakamaru faisant désormais parti des KAT-TUN (Bien que Akanishi soit à présent parti... Kamenashi est le K des KAT-TUN et l'un des membres les plus populaires avec Akanishi.

The film is based on the multiple award-winning novel of the same title by Koji Yanagi and the story is set on the eve of World War II with spies from all over the world competing to gain the upper hand in a secret intelligence battle using all sorts of ploy.

In the film, Kazuya is portrays the role of Jiro Kato, an outstanding army officer about to be punished severaely for defying orders following which he was rescued by a clandestine organisation — D Kikan — before proceeding to work for them as a secret agent to fish out information from a multicultural city known as the “Devil’s Metropolis”.

When Jin goes solo, the connection unravels but the thread remains.

Word War III has left the world in chaos and fear with a new kind of mutation dividing one nation into two fractions, with almost no hope for them to coexist.

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