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The funicular railway starts in Mala Strana (Lesser Town), at the tram stop “Ujezd” (trams No 12, 22, 23) and end up the Petrin hill, where, besides admiring the magnificent view over Prague, you can also take a look at the Astronomical Observatory (opened in 1930), or climb the Lookout Tower.

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Funicular railway in Prague has a long history, dating back to 1851 when it used to work on water overbalance mechanism.

After the First World War, the funicular railway has been bought by the Electric Company of the Capital City of Prague, which started a reconstruction of the old mechanism.

Surprisingly, more than a third of the 1,193 T3 trams delivered to Prague between 19 survive today in one form or another, although many have new bodies.

The last unmodernised examples of the standard T3 were withdrawn in 2012, and only a handful of the later SU/SUCS model from the 1980s remain in service in more or less original condition.

Distinctive colour schemes and works of art help passengers for orientation, especially, but not only, in countries with a high level of illiteracy.

Furthermore, there is evidence that vandalism diminishes in appealing stations because works of art and good designs are widely respected.The Prague tramway network is traditionally the backbone of the city's public transport system.Despite the development of the metro from the 1970s and the continued expansion of the bus network, trams continue to perform a central role, carrying broadly one third of passengers.It has to be something the residents can be proud of.See below which subway system is a Unesco World Heritage site, which one doubles as the world's longest art gallery, and in which stations you can find stunning baroque-style underground palaces, museums, aquariums, comical statues, grand art-deco, modernist or futuristic architecture... Do you like to spend your waiting time standing in a smelly narrow box with tons of advertising posters on grimy tiled walls?Christmas Eve is a wonderfully peaceful day to explore the city. Festive classical concerts run in the afternoon and early evening.

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