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In an interview at NBI headquarters, the mother admitted to the crime, saying she needed the money to pay bills.

The mother said she learned cybersex operation while she was employed as a housemaid to someone who ran a cybersex den.

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My clients want young girls so I asked my daughter to do the show,” a 37-year-old mother told the Inquirer after NBI agents arrested her in a raid on a suspected cybersex den in Taguig City on Wednesday.

The agents rescued the mother’s daughter and son, aged 10 and 7, during the raid on the family’s house in Taguig City, said Czar Eric Nuqui, head of the National Bureau of Investigation’s human trafficking division.

“As a procedure, we swoop in before the girl can start, but as we were going in, the video showed later, the girl had already started to perform and we caught her and her mother in the act,” Nuqui explained to the Inquirer.

Bills to pay Nuqui’s group is the same NBI team that discovered and busted a child cybersex racket in Cebu City on May 26 last year.We have Filipino as well as Western members living in the Philippines and all over the world that are seeking Filipino chat, dating, love, romance and more!Use our advanced search features to start looking for Filipino singles.Half in a daze, she answered and a voice simply said: "Steve's had an accident. Steven was her 32-year-old son who lived in the Philippines. "Inside, I was screaming," the 55-year-old former social worker remembers, "but no sound came out of my mouth. They were from her son's best friend, Martin, who'd been asleep in the next room to Steven when he'd been murdered. Instead, within minutes of receiving the second call, she announced to her second husband, Alan, who'd become Steven's stepfather after the premature death of her first husband, Joe, that they were going to the Philippines - to bring their son home. "I felt as if I was waiting, powerless to move, for a train to run me over."But Margaret Davis's tragedy had only just begun. For when she raised herself from the sofa to take a second call, giving her some of the details of what had happened, she discovered that Steven had been murdered - shot dead by three gunmen in the middle of the night at his home in the city of Makita in the Philippines.When I quit my job in the Middle East to start my backpacking journey, aside from the other reasons and lies I was telling myself and people around me about why I wanted to leave my corporate life, I actually left because I just wanted to have more time to understand myself, to love me and just to be with myself!

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