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As an adult, Coddington continued on with her automotive passion, spending much of her free time racing off-road.

Hot rods were also a major part of Coddington’s life, with street rods for the road and sand rails for off-road adventures.

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Identification tags are located in areas unlikely to need replacement - even after years of use.

For most of our power equipment, these tags are approximately 2" x 3" in size.

Leaded fuel may be used in countries where unleaded fuel is not available.

Reformulated fuels containing no more than 10% Ethanol, 15% MTBE, 15% ETBE or premium gasoline can bu used if unleaded regular gasoline is not available.

The engine identification decal also provides the applicable warranty code and oil recommendations (diag. Emissionized engines that meet the California Air Resource Board (C.

The number following the model number is the specification number.

And I thought someone was going to claim that they were dating a tecumseh motor on this one, I was going to ask if it had a mini bike attached to it, now that would get me excited,lol, I understand now, you want to know when it was manufactured, If you're lucky enuff to find the serial number, type, and model numbers, you could of posted them, and maybe a few pics, then people that have hung around here long enuff, that put that kind of stuff under my favorites, could just write down your numbers, hit "my favorites" look were they filed that imformation, check your numbers against theirs, and presto, we would know weather we would want to tell you you have a junk motor, so we could get it at a better price, just kidding about the last part, but the first part is true, sometimes I just can't help myself,lol.

Tecumseh engine model, specification, and serial numbers or (date of manufacture, DOM) are stamped into the blower housing or located on a decal on the engine in locations as illustrated (diag. NOTE: On some LEV engines, a cover bezel must be removed to provide access to the identification decal (diag 1xddfdf. The last three numbers of the specification number indicate a variation to the basic engine specification.

0 - Plain Bearing/DU Non-Flange Mount 1 - Plain Bearing Flange Mounting 2 - Sleeve Bearing Flange Mounting Splash Lube 3 - Ball Bearing Flange Mounting Splash Lube 4 - Ball Bearing Flange Mounting Pressure Lubrication on Horizontal Shaft 5 - Plain Bearing Gear Reduction (6 to 1) CW Rotation Flange Mounting 6 - Plain Bearing Gear Reduction (6 to 1) CCW Rotation 7 - Plain Bearing Pressure Lubrication on Vertical Shaft 8 - Plain Bearing Auxiliary Drive (PTO) Perpendicular to Crankshaft 9 - Plain Bearing Auxiliary Drive Parallel to Crankshaft 0 - Without Starter 1 - Rope Starter 2 - Rewind Starter 3 - Electric Starter Only 110 Volt Gear Drive 4 - Electric Starter/110 Volt Gear Drive with Alternator 5 - Electric Starter Only 12 Volt Gear Drive 6 - Alternator Only 7 - Electric Starter 12 Volt Gear Drive With Alternator 8 - Vertical Pull Starter or Side Pull Starter 9 - Mechanical Starter A - Electric Starter/12 Volt Gear Drive with Alternator & Inverter , The type number identifies the engines mechanical parts, color of paint, decals, governed speed, and Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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