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In most cases, a difference of 0.5 to 1.0 points in the Well-Being Index score between any two states represents a statistically significant gap.

For the nation overall, the Well-Being Index score was 62.1 in 2016, a statistically meaningful improvement from the 61.7 and the 61.6 measured in 20, respectively.

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West Virginia and Kentucky residents have the lowest and second-lowest well-being, respectively, for the eighth year in a row.

Ohio, Arkansas and Mississippi join West Virginia and Kentucky as the five states that have placed in the bottom 10 in all nine years of tracking.

, featuring a New England family from Quahog, Rhode Island: bumbling, politically incorrect, pop culture-obsessed patriarch Peter Griffin; mostly sane former party girl, wife, and mother, Lois (formerly Lois Pewterschmidt, a member of one of Rhode Island's wealthiest families); slow-witted son Chris, social outcast and family punching bag, Meg; diabolical, Ambiguously Gay, inexplicably British baby son Stewie; and martini-slurping, Soapbox Sadie family dog, Brian. As this is an ongoing series, expect some story summaries, titles, and episode orders to be changed.

Episodes are listed by broadcast order, not based on production codes or how they're ordered on the DVD releases.

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