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The Weirdest Places..more Getting verbally naughty is one of those things that I enjoy the most. The earning potential is limitless and there are adult webcam models making thousands of dollars per day! You’re able to get sales without having to be online.

I won't accept a private if we're really close to meeting a goal or if you haven't asked first (UNLESS I have "Privates ON or True PVT ON" in topic). No private cover tips required for Rockstars, Superstars and Legends. 420 x 1 - High as a Balloon - Club entry Balloons ONLY HD Cum Vid (riding HUGE workout ball with built in dildo) name on wall/profile!

420 x 25 - High as a Kite - 15min Skype OR 10min Custom Quickie Cum Vid (HD w your name) Kites Only Video UNLOCKED 50 Spanks in your Spank Bank (to be used at your pleasure), name on profile/wall.420 x 50 - High as an Eagle - 2 months FREE Videos 20 min.

Please feel free to hang out and get to know my room. I often have fun deals and games to play in my room, as well as great shows!

Be prepared to spend at least 400 tokens more once there. No anal EXCEPT for my Fly High With Me CLUB, see below.

All you need is a computer, webcam, internet connection and a place to perform.

It is really working perfect, u set your own levels to each tip range, you decide you want vibration or rotation long, short, hard or low, it's amazing!Thats one of the best things about being a Jades Boy, having[...] - Jade Lee Member I like treating my men right and thats why Im so excited to set up my new and official solo site!My services include one-on-one Skype web cam shows, fantasy calls, HD videos, and much more. All these amazing services are available exclusively through my Jades Boyz membership subscription.I can finally play music while i am online, since it's not sound sensitive but tip sensitive. It really gets the guys going when they can get more bang for their buck.It took me a bit of time to get it connected but now I don't have any more problems.Then her phone died, and for a few minutes, she could only imagine the worst.

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