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i'm not sure if the version 2.3.1 isn't open for the exploit with the empty username and the password ') OR ('a' = 'a well ... everything quite easy first go and read all the stuff written at either one of those should work fine about the version i'm not sure i just downloaded the latest version from therefore i suppose it's version 2.3.1 !!

updating advanced guestbook 2 3 4-55

The Social Web Working Group has published Activity Streams 2.0 as a Recommendation.

AS2 provides a JSON data model and vocabulary for representing common online social objects, activities, and the relationships between them.

OK, got the full app (vs update) and found the How to Install; however, I will need some hand-holding on the instructions: Installation: 1.

Open the configuration file 'php' with a text editor 1 - copy them from your AG files if not sure about seeing up a database 3 - self explanatory.

I would highly recommend updating to 2.3.1 and hassling your webhost about updating their PHP version. Mine was just hacked as well: Someone told me to just go with dreambook...

In the meantime I suggest either protecting your with .htaccess as has been suggested or simply renaming it and removing the link to it from the guestbook. Or should I upgrade, and the problem will be solved? (Tuesday, May 16, 2017, to AM) Time-after-time, the New York Times and other publications have repeated the same false claim that concealed handgun permit holders are dangerous.This claim will continue to be made as debate heats up over reciprocity, which would allow concealed handgun permits to be used across states like driver’s licenses.Assuming you've copied the scripts and icons into their appropriate folders and have restarted Maya (or run the mel command "rehash"), you can bring up the script UI by running the following bit of mel in the command line (or script editor): Now let's begin at the "Start".Enter your character name in the text field and click "Create a Skeleton".The number of concealed carry permits in the United States has topped 15 million over the last year, according to data collected by the Crime Prevention Research Center. A pit bull was shot and killed Saturday when a man walking his dogs, Tom Cope, jumped into action to protect his beloved pets.

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